21 Day Fix Review – Ultimate Guide 2017

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21 Day Fix Ultimate Review

Weight loss is a hot topic in today’s world. People everywhere are searching for new and fun ways to combat weight gain, but there are so many options to choose from, and so many questions to ask. Could there be a balanced new approach to weight loss that considers nutrition and exercise? Is there a system that makes it easy to choose healthy meals? What kind of workout routine is right for you? Would you like to have amazing results in 21 days? Then you might want to hear about the 21-Day Fix.

Why You Should Try the 21-Day Fix

Here are some top reasons to try out the 21-Day Fix.

Easy Exercise Plans

In the 21-Day Fix, exercise plans are on a weekly schedule with short workouts for each one. That means that it’s fast and simple, which is great for even the most busy people, from working professionals, to stay at home moms. Each daily workout is different, and that means no more boring repetitive workouts that yield weak results. Targeting different areas maximizes your potential, and keeps the body from hitting that dreaded weight loss plateau while you’re having a fun workout. These combine a rich mixture of Pilates, Yoga, upper body, lower body, and cardio to put you on the path to healthy living that you’ve been working towards.

Easy Meal Plans

One of the most complex and challenging portions of any weight loss program is nutrition. The 21-Day Fix takes all of that guess work and stress out of the meal making process. The primary aim is portion control, and this is accomplished using the super easy, color-coded food container system. One good policy to have is: If it doesn’t fit in the container, save that part for tomorrow!

Red Container – Lean Protein
Green Container – Vegetables
Purple Container – Fruits
Orange Containers – Dressing, Sauce, and Seeds
Yellow Container – Carbs
Blue Container – Healthy Fats

The simplicity of the 21-Day Fix helps you to be a successful meal planner for yourself, without counting any calories or points.

Fast Results

Psychologists have noted that it’s difficult for almost anyone to continue a program when they see very little change after months of hard work, but the 21-Day Fix answers this by giving you the results you crave. After less than a month and working with the 21-Day Fix, you could lose up to 15 lbs.

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What Is Included in the 21-Day Fix Workout Program

Autumn Calabreses 21 Day Fix

Most would agree that any good workout program is the type that keeps the information seeker motivated to learn and practice the things they learn in the program. A key component to forward motion is simplicity, and ease when studying. The 21-Day Fix is a program that has been tailored to meet those needs. By including a range of information and guides, they have taken the hassle and guess work out of the workout plan. Let’s look at a few of the high quality features included with the 21-Day Fix.

Great Educational Material

The 21-Day Fix comes with great workout educational material to get you started in the form of 2 DVDs. The DVDs will contain all that you need to know to properly execute your daily workout routines, which are: The Total Body Cardio Fix, the Upper Fix, the Lower Fix, the Pilates Fix, Yoga Fix, Cardio fix, and the Dirty 30 Bonus workout. Each of these workouts is designed to keep your body on its toes, give your body recovery time, and keep your progress from becoming plateauing.

Workout Calendar

In another stroke of genius, this simple calendar breaks the 21-Day Fix into 3 weeks, allowing you to focus on the progress of each week. Each workout is done once a week for 30 minutes.
It’s that simple. A 30-minute workout makes these workouts more accessible for busy people in every walk of life.

The Portion Control System

The 21-Day Fix Portion Control system is one of the strongest weapons of the 21-Day Fix program. By making food choices simple and color coded, you will spend less time languishing over food options, and get on track to a healthier and happier you. If you’re stumped on what kinds of meals you can make, you can simply read the list of 21-Day Fix approved meal recipes.
Just remember that every meal counts and that it’s never a good idea to skip meals in a workout program. Be sure to get the nutrients that your body needs.

24/7 Online Support

Last and certainly not least, is your access to online support 24 hrs a day and 7 days a week. Motivation is one of the greatest components to any fitness program, but with the help of online support, you will be able to get the much-needed tools to push forward and achieve the results that are right around the corner.

Tips For Starting the 21 Day Fix

Getting started on with any new lifestyle change can be a chore when you don’t have all of the answers or keys to get you where you want to go. This can be especially true of working out. That is one reason why the 21-Day Fix has been crafted to simplify your journey and help take the stress out of workout routines. It will help you streamline the process allowing you to reach the potential that has been hiding within you. If you’ve been thinking of starting the 21-Day Fix workout program but haven’t engaged in any physical exercise in a while, here are a few excellent points to consider.

No More Workout Boredom

Boring, repetitious workout routines can be a serious drain on your excitement and resolve for working out. The 21-Day Fix has been designed to target one specific area each day. Not only does this keep you from becoming tired of exercise, but it also fosters a balanced and proportional body. The elegant simplicity of the 21-Day Fix workout gives you enough variety to keep you happy and ready to move to the next level in the program, but if you decide that you want to push yourself to work even harder, then there is a 21-Day Fix Extreme plan to help get you more dramatic results.
Workout Calendar

In order to have a plan and a schedule, you will have to follow a calendar for your workout routine. One of the attributes that makes the 21-Day Fix so easy to follow, is the simple way in which the program is divided. Workout schedules divide the 21 days into 3 weeks, with daily workouts lasting 30 minutes. The point of this is to make exercise a part of your daily routine.
This is also how the area targeting is organized. For example, Monday is Total Body Cardio Day, and Tuesday would be Upper Body Fix day. This allows the body to alternate working and healing without hindrance.

Plan Your Grocery List

The best way to put yourself on the road to success is to make a plan and follow a schedule. Get to know how many 21-Day Fix portion control containers of which food you are supposed to have for each day and tailor your shopping list each week to those needs. Be sure to choose foods that you can use in a variety of meals that you love so that you can stay motivated to stick with it. Having a great attitude goes a long way to getting you closer to your goals.

Consider Using a Journal

One of the things you may find is that you are stressed, worried, or feel like you are unable to complete the program. This is normal and natural. Most people will hit a brick wall where they feel like they can’t keep going or that they aren’t meeting the expectations of the program guides. A journal can help. It helps you get out your thoughts and helps you vent when you have had bad days. Here is the trick. It also allows you to see your good days, your achievements, and your goals. It lets you see how far you have come and gives you the motivation to keep going.

Allow Yourself Some Breathing Room

You are a beginner. Everyone must start somewhere and usually, that is at the bottom. You have to work your way up the goal ladder to reach your ultimate goals with the program. All of that being said, you need to allow yourself some breathing room. You need to allow yourself the small stumbles you will take along the way. This means not being too hard on yourself or giving up simply because you didn’t make it through the workout that day, didn’t feel like you were in the mood, or you may have gone off the diet slightly. Allow yourself breathing room to be human and to not be perfection.

Make Sure to Rest During the Day or Evening

You have to rest. This doesn’t just mean resting to give yourself a break. As a beginner doing a workout you are going to be doing physical actions that you may not have done in awhile or at all for that matter. You will feel soreness and aches that need to be rested. If you don’t rest you could end up with issues that will make it impossible for you to complete your workout goals. Make sure to take a break, take a rest, and get back to it full force the next day.

By putting these tips into action, and remembering that you will get better and it will be easier over time you will be able to succeed. Even if you haven’t succeeded with other programs, keeping the right mindset in this one will work.

Ways to Stay Accountable for Your 21 Day Fix Workout

Staying accountable is something you have to do in your daily life with other goals. This is no different for your goals when it comes to your workout and diet routine. In fact, staying accountable during the first 21 days are crucial to your success with the 21-Day Fix plan. If you are not used to marking down and keeping accountability trackers, then there are some tips and ways to consider.


Journaling is one of the ideal ways you can use to make sure you are staying accountable for your day. You can just jot down what you have accomplished for the day, use a checklist, or write down your thoughts and feelings on the day. All of this helps you stay accountable for what you did, what you didn’t do, and helps you look back on how far you have come. Keep in mind that journaling is not just for negative thoughts. It is also to write down your accomplishments. Make it a positive action of accountability.


There are literally hundreds of apps for both iOS and Android. There even apps for Windows smartphones and tablets. Among these apps are ones designed for fitness tracking, accountability, and even specifically for 21-Day Fix. These apps can be quick and easy and allow you to see what you are doing. You can also keep track of weight loss and actual workouts and food intake. This is an ideal option if journaling isn’t something you want to do.


Groups are a great way to stay accountable for your workout goals and especially with 21-Day Fix. Groups can be something simple like just checking in and giving the time you worked out and what you ate. It can be personal where you discuss your issues and problems or encourage others. The point of the group is that you are not alone or on your own to get your 21-Day Fix on track.

Social Media Posts

Social media posts will help you stay accountable easily. You can just write a quick Tweet that simply states what you did. You can even connect your social media to your workout apps so that it automatically posts for you. This gives you an accountability check that you and others can follow.

By putting these four methods into effect, you can stay accountable for your diet and exercise. Just remember, accountability is not about perfection. It is about reaching your goal and learning from your mis-steps along the way.

5 Foods You Can Always Find for 21 Day Fix

When you look at the 21-Day Fix diet, you will likely fixate on foods that you have not eaten. For some people these are foods like almond butter, coconut milk, or kale. Your first thought may be that you will never find those locally. This is especially true if you are living in a small or rural town. You may be thinking that you will be unable to meet the needs of the program when it comes to diet. The truth is, there are at least five foods you can always find for your 21-Day Fix if you know where and how to look.

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast

All major grocery stores, health stores, and whole food markets carry boneless skinless chicken breast. You may not be able to find it in an organic option, but you can find it. You can even find it in bags and pre-frozen individually. Chicken breast can be used in dinner and lunch options so it is something easy to grab. It can also be dressed up with your daily dressing or with vegetables that are on your daily plan.


Spinach is not only a good vegetable for multiple uses, like wraps and as part of pasta meals. It also offers you a jolt of iron. In fact, it offers more iron than most steaks. So, with that in mind remember that spinach can be found in most stores and farmers markets. You can also grow spinach easily in your home throughout the year.

Greek Yogurt

yogurtGreek yogurt is available from a number of manufacturers and is available at most stores.

You can even find it at gas stations that have a supermarket section. This is a great base for snacks, as a replacement for sour cream, and can be used as a breakfast with fruit and nuts.

Remember to avoid the greek yogurt options that have fruit already loaded.

Go with plain or vanilla and add fresh fruit yourself.


Fruit is something you can find fresh, frozen, and dehydrated. You can even find it canned. It is one of the easiest items on your list and you can find most fruits throughout the year. For example, you may not be able to get mangoes but you can find citrus fruits and berries easily. Go with what you can find and go with fresh first, frozen next, and canned in dire emergencies.


AlmondsAlmonds are one of the nuts that you can find nearly anywhere. When you stop at a gas station, you can find them prepackaged. When you go to the grocery store you can find them in various forms. Also, you can find them in whole food stores and health food stores as well. You can even order them online.

These are only five of the foods. You can also find things like applesauce to substitute for cooking oil or apples to be the fruit during any season of the year. If it helps, go through the approved foods at the store. Check off what you can find and mark off what you can’t. This will make your choices easier.

What Additional Products Will Make 21 Day Fix Easier?

The 21-Day Fix program offers you workouts, containers, guides, and in some kits a Shakeology drink mixer. Though this is all great to get started, you may want to have a little bit more to make the program easier. You may wonder what items would help you and what will help to step up during the first crucial 21 days. Here are a few of those additional products that can help.

A Journal

You may be thinking that a journal means keeping a large paper journal and writing it in every day. The truth is a journal can be on your smartphone or tablet. It can be paper or digital. The point of the journal is to jot down your thoughts as they happen. This will make it easier to avoid taking your bad thoughts to heart and making them manifest to negatives in your daily life. For example, on days you may not be able to complete the full workout or you may falter on your diet you can take those thoughts to your journal. Instead of telling yourself you are a failure, you can turn them into something positive and reset your goal for the next day.

Additional Containers

When you first start the Beachbody 21-Day Fix program, you will get the initial container set in the kit. The trick with this kit is that it is for one day only. If you are a meal planner or need to plan your meals ahead, one kit may not be enough.

Efficient Nutrition Portion Control Container Kit Review

21 day fix accessories reviewThat is where the Efficient Nutrition Portion Control Container Kit comes in. Here are some things you need to know about this product before you make your purchase.

The Efficient Nutrition kit is an ideal addition to the Official 21-Day Fix program kit. This kit includes one of the 7 piece container set. If you bought the original kit from Beachbody, then this will give you a second set of the containers for easier meal planning. You will also get a complete guide that shows you about the plan and how to use the containers properly. The planner included in the kit shows you how to map out the workout routine for optimal results. There is also a recipe book that can be loaded on your Kindle.

This kit is fairly easy to put into practical use since the only real addition that the original kit would not have from Beachbody is the eBook of recipes. You will have the additional set of containers which will mean you can meal plan for a day in advance. This allows you to have one set of containers being used while the other is waiting to be used. The other booklets and guides are the same as you will find in the official kit from Beachbody. This makes this kit easy to adapt to the exercise program you already have for 21-Day Fix.

Water Goal Jug

One of the keys to dieting success is drinking as much water as possible. In fact, you may already know how much water you need to have in a day. You can keep up with this goal by grabbing a water goal jug. This is a jug that is in a one-gallon amount and marked for specific times throughout the day. Each time you have marked, go drink that amount of water. You will get your amount in for the day and do it by a goal. This can also make you feel good about achieving something else healthy in your day.

These options are all just that, options. They are not necessary, but they can help you with your journey and with adapting the routine and mindset you need to make this fix stick.


Lets be clear this isn’t some kind of magical method which guarantees awesome results with no work from you. You do have to be committed to the results if you want to achieve them.

This isn’t a workout program designed for gym bunnies. Instead it is a challenging but realistically achievable if followed properly.You can reduce in pounds and inches in just a few weeks.Each of the exercises are easily performed using a basic exercise or yoga mat, resistance band or dumbbells. Likewise they can also be carried out without these extras.

All throughout the videoed workouts are examples of individuals of different fitness abilities performing the workouts.For the more demanding exercises there are modifiers.

Overall for beginners looking to get into shape or intermediate exercisers who want a structured system for dropping weight then the 21 day fix from Autumn Calabrese is definitely worth the investment.

I hope you have enjoyed our 21 Day Fix Review. Make sure that you bookmark our site for all the latest findings on Health and Fitness.


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