4 Low Carb Replacements for Potatoes

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Potatoes are one of the most popular vegetables for dinner time in the entire world. The thick, hearty vegetable can be found on every continent, and has been cast as the most valuable player in dishes going back thousands of years, but what if you’re planning to eat a low-carb meal. Potatoes are not a part of the low-carb revolution and so it can become important to find a replacement for this corner stone of a vegetable. The following article will be sharing some information on low-carb mashed potato alternatives.


You might not have ever heard of this vegetable, but its usefulness as a side can be described as monumental. This vegetable has a fairly sized round bulb structure and can be boiled, steamed and fried for a multitude of dishes. If you peel it, it can be boiled and mashed much like the way you can do with potatoes. Simply season and serve in the way you would a potato.


In recent years people have become quite familiar with cauliflower for everything from substituting mashed potatoes to even pizza crust. This vegetable might have been unpopular for some people when they were kids, but years later a new world was opened for them when they discovered the versatility of cauliflower. Simply boil it and mash it like a potato and you have a great side!


If you are familiar with some foods in England, then you might be familiar with the common appearance of turnips in food. These purplish vegetables can be cut into pieces and boiled until soft enough to mash into something that closely resembles mashed potatoes. They take about 20 – 30 minutes on average to be soft enough to have a pleasing texture. You can eat them with different types of cream and butter, and you might be surprised to find that you have a new vegetable that you love! If you get ultra-curious, you can find recipes online that will challenge your taste buds.


The Daikon is a member of the radish family that hails from South East Asia. One of the best things about the daikon is that it can be eaten raw, but it is most famously eaten pickled or fried. This vegetable can be boiled, mashed and seasoned much like that of the potato, and is known for being very tasty and delicious.




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