Anti-Aging Benefits of Coconut Oil

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Coconut is often considered a miracle cure because of all the different ways it can benefit you. One great way to use coconut is by helping with anti-aging in a more natural way. Get rid of the expensive Botox and harsh chemicals of your store-bought cream and try these different coconut oil anti-aging tips.

Apply Coconut Oil to Your Wrinkles

The first way to use coconut for anti-aging purposes is simply to apply coconut oil on all your fine lines and wrinkles. Try to do this daily, preferably during your nighttime routine. This makes it easy for you to remember and allows the oil to work overnight. Keep a container of virgin, organic coconut on your bedside table and rub it on your wrinkles or lines before bed. You don’t need to rinse it off, so just use it like you would lotion or moisturizer. Keep applying it each day, but also try to consume some coconut in your meals and drinks as well.

Take a Coconut Oil Bath

Here is another great way to use coconut oil for your anti-aging purposes, particularly on your wrinkles and fine lines. A bath is a good option when you don’t want to mess around with creams and lotions that you have to apply to your skin and leave a messy residue. All you need to do bring a jar of coconut oil into the bathtub with you. When you get in the bath, before sitting down in the water, apply the coconut oil to your skin. Let it absorb until dry, then soak into the bath and it will keep working its magic. After your bath, your skin will be soft and you don’t have to rinse off the coconut oil.

Combine the Oil With Milk and Eggs

This is another concoction you can make if you want to use coconut oil for anti-aging purposes. The egg whites are really good for tightening your skin in order to prevent further wrinkles, while the milk helps to hydrate the skin and make it glow and look more youthful. Make sure you are only using the egg whites and not yellow yolks from your eggs. You need to combine equal parts coconut oil and honey, then 1 egg white and the same amount of milk as you did with the coconut oil and honey. About a tablespoon of each works well. Mix it together in a bowl, then massage the mixture onto your skin. Store anything left in a small container.


So as you can see there are many benefits of using coconut oil on your skin. This of course, isn’t the only use for this versatile oil. It has dozens of other uses and is one of the healthiest oils to use in cooking. If you want to find out more about its multitude of uses check out some of our other coconut oil articles below.

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