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best-weighted-vests-on-the-marketIn this article, we are going to review the best weighted vests on the market, below you will discover our findings and the features, pros, and cons of each one.

If you intend to incorporate endurance to your bodyweight training workout, you’ll want to purchase a weight vest. These are functional pieces of clothing that help kick your bodyweight workout up a level.

What a weighted vest does is take the natural resistance your body can already give and make it work harder for your benefit. It’s the exact same principle of someone running with an extra weight on them – such as when someone runs carrying a heavy backpack. Of course, you can also use a weighted vest for running.The body gets used to this resistance in the form of weight. So when you train wearing a weight vest and after that, you don’t use it, it actually increases your level of performance.

And the most effective thing about using weight vests is that you can begin with a lesser weight and increase to the maximum weight if you’re just beginning with a bodyweight training routine. And also, you have the option of adding more weight at any time.

You’ll want to use a vest when you’re performing exercises like push-ups, pull-ups and so on. We will discuss other uses for weighted vests and their versatility at the end of this article. But what you are here for is to find out which vests are the best…

We have come up with a really comprehensive list of the Best Weighted Vests available in 2017. We aim to give you an unbiased an opinion as possible so we will be looking at the good and bad for each one of the products listed.

So let’s take a look at some of the top rated weight vests that we have found;

SKLZ 10lb Weighted Vest Review

sklz youtubeWe are big fans of the SKLZ brand and this like most of their products is well made and does the job.

This is a versatile vest as you can build up slowly with the amount of weight you carry. There are 20 separate weights each one weighing 1/2 so you can progress to the 10lb total by adding weights incrementally.

Most reviewers seemed to have no issues with the fit of the product except one exceptionally tall guy of 6ft 5″ who said it was too small for him.

It appears to be easy to wash though it might be time-consuming having to remove 20 weights before washing it. It is recommended that you hand wash it rather than using a machine. One customer mentioned that he stands in the shower with it on and washes it, give it a try!

The actual mesh material it is made from is breathable so it doesn’t get too hot and sweaty when you wear it for extended workouts or tough sessions.


sklzStays in place – This vest doesn’t move around during strenuous movement, so you can carry out pretty much any workout exercise using this weight vest.

Stretch Pockets – makes it easier to add and remove the weights

Great for long workouts – the ability to add small amounts of weight makes it a good choice if you want to use it for long walks or runs or for just wearing around the house. You can then max it out for strenuous exercise such as press ups or pull ups.


Can’t add more weight – this one is capped at 10lbs so if you need something heavier look at some of our other choices.

Doesn’t look cool – One customer described it as looking like a man bra! If you want a better looking 10lb weighted vest check out the one from HumanX

HumanX Weight Vest Review

human xThis workout vest comes in three sizes each has 20 bricks made from injection molded plastic containing sand. You can add as many bricks as you like for each vest. So you can go as low as 0.5lb for the small vest all the way to 40lbs for the heaviest.

10lbs with 0.5lb weights
20lbs with 1lb weights
40lbs with 2lb weights


One Size fits all – Customers of all size from 5ft 2″ women to 6ft tall guys have been wearing it with no issues.

Secure and comfortable fit – we liked the extra wide dual adjustable waist strap system which gives a secure fit. The plastic bricks are also very secure and don’t move around though it can take a bit of effort to get them in their pockets. Customers have mentioned that they felt comfortable running, performing CrossFit and practicing basketball jumps with this vest. Some recommended removing the bricks from the sides of the vests when performing exercises such as sit-ups as the bricks did dig into the ribs a little.

Affordable Price – compared to some of its competitors we thought the price was very reasonable for the quality of this product.

Looks Good – sit up fairly high but doesn’t have the man bra look of the SKLZ.


Leakage – A very small amount of users reported that their bricks were leaking some sand. The actual design is much more durable than those that use bags of sand, though. I’m guessing if you reach out to the manufacturer they would send a replacement but the likelihood is that your vest will be fine.

The HumanX training vest from Harbinger would be one of our top recommendations for a quality vest at a competitive price. The weight range makes it suitable for all levels of fitness.

fitness vest


ZFO Sports 40lb and 60lb Weighted Vests Reviewed


ZFOsports offer a large range of work-out products at reduced prices. They focus on weighted vests, ankle weights, kettlebells and power speed sleds. They pride themselves on offering fantastic customer care and competitive price tags.

They have five weighted vests in their product line that are adjustable for up to 140 pounds but we are going to discuss the two most popular weights here. The 40lb weight vest holds a number of 2.5 lb weights in a comfortable vest that fits most people. With the 60lb vest, the weights are 4lb. The design of these vests are made to fit snugly in spite of the sort of movement you’re doing when working out.

The weight bags fit snugly inside the pockets and won’t move around – even when you are working out at a fast pace. You can wear the vest when you’re running as well. A weight vest will certainly really help you burn fat and increase your workout power. It’s also created in order that it can be worn by both men or women. If you are really planning on doing some hardcore training you will want to go for the 60lb weight vest but for most fitness enthusiasts the 40lb will be more than adequate for a tough workout.

ZFOThe great thing about both vests though is that they are both adjustable from 0lbs up to their respective weights [40lb/60lb] Both vests are getting some great reviews online, the majority describing the ZFO Sports weighted vests as great value for money, well constructed and fitting well. As with pretty much any product it does have its downsides, some users complained of sore and chaffed shoulders after using the ZFO weighted vests and it was also commented that some found it difficult to put on.
Overall though as one of the most popular weighted vests available online with hundreds of positive reviews we would recommend either weight with no hesitation. A good buy for both men and women who want to shed weight or increase their strength.

CROSS101 Weight Vest Review


The CROSS101 is another vest that can be used by both men or women and can also hold a maximum of 40lbs. The vest is adjustable with the weights, so if you want to start off with a lighter weight you can. It comes in a camouflage design and does resemble a flak jacket – this might be a plus or minus depending on your style!
The Cross 101 Weighted Vest is comfortable to put on and includes a belt which you can tighten up to ensure that all the weights are fitting comfortably against your body. This should lessen the chance of having the weights jiggling around when you’re doing your workout session. This weighted vest is not hard to put on and take off. In fact, the weights should slide conveniently into their positions and are simple to take out again as well. With 40lbs of weight in there, it will certainly be a little hefty to pick up and get your head through but this is to be expected when carrying so much weight.
What Reviewers Are Sharing.

Users say that the Cross 101 40lb weighted vest is terrific value for money. They appreciate how easy it is to slip the weights in and out and how snug it fits around your chest. The only criticism is that the material can rub on your neck a bit. You made have to wear a t-shirt or add some soft material around the shoulder straps to remove any possibility for discomfort here.

This vest is half the price of other comparable vests in this category and still does a fantastic job. It’s comfortable, easy to wear and very simple to add and remove weights. This is another top recommendation from us.

CROSS101- 40Lbs Adjustable Weighted Vest Camouflage Workout Weight Vest Training Fitness-NEW!_EDITE

TITIN Force Shirt Review


The TITIN Force Shirt is a compression shirt and weighted vest all rolled into one. This shirt features a 3-part weighted system which employs a zippered inner shirt with 8lbs of gel inserts and 14 pockets to choose from.

What’s fantastic about these kinds of gels is that they can be heated or cooled and they’ll stay hot or frozen for more than half an hour. The weight gels within this shirt will stay flexible even though they’ve been frozen so they will mold to your body. The gel inserts are positioned on the upper body and arms and are designed to affect the muscles while helping keep strain off the joints.

Research studies have proven that using these inserts leads to increased endurance, top end speed, and strength. The most advanced technology has been absorbed in this shirt to work on your muscles and give you the best workout possible. Although 8lbs doesn’t seem like a lot it certainly will make all the difference to your workout routines.

When you’re training you need to ensure that you’re not using a vest that will move around while training. The TITIN Force Shirt is great for workouts because of the combined compression shirt and the way the gel weights are flexible regardless of what their temperature.

The TITIN Force Shirt is more comfortable to wear than your typical weighted vests as it will hug your body. The breathable material will also always keep you cool throughout a workout. You likewise have the option of freezing the gel weights before you begin.

Short Video demonstrating the TITIN Vest


TITIN is the world’s ONLY weighted compression clothing 3 part weighted shirt system including zippered inner shirt with 14 smartly placed pockets.

8 lbs. of gel inserts across upper body and arms The gels can be heated or frozen and stay hot or frozen for 30-45 minutes, while staying pliable and flexible at any temperatures.

In a combined study with Under Armour TITIN increased lactate intake by 25 %, vertical by 13 %, endurance by 11 %, top end speed by 3 % and strength/agility.

The gels have a lifetime warranty and the shirts will last 8-10 years of constant use.

This is a high-quality vest with compression shirt that comes with weighted gels that will last a lifetime. The compression shirt is also designed to last up to 10 years of constant usage. The TITIN Force Shirt is a great piece of equipment to have with you during your workouts. Being one of the better premium weighted vests to use it doesn’t come cheap. In fact, it will cost you a lot more than other vests but it also includes the compression shirt and the lifelong weighted gels that can be heated and frozen.


Hyperwear Hyper Vest PRO Review

This is a unisex vest that is extremely well designed but comes at a price.

This is one of the more comfortable weight vests that we have looked at and it gives you great shoulder mobility as well. Its a snug fit and some reviewers mentioned that they wore it while out walking underneath their clothes.

There was no reported bouncing or movement when working out. Reviewers mentioned using it from jogging to CrossFit training with good results.

Hyperwear also have a booster pack of additional weights that you can add to your vest when you feel the need to increase the load.

If you are looking for a vest that you can wear under your clothes unobtrusively and that is getting excellent online reviews this is a good option.

Click on the image below to see a video on the Hyperwear Hyper Vest

Hyperwear Hyper Vest PRO Unisex 10-Pound Adjustable Weighted Vest for Fitness Workouts_EDITED


So that’s some of the best weighted vests that you can currently buy online next up let’s explore some uses this what we reckon is one of the most versatile pieces of fitness equipment you can buy.

human x pull upAs they come in different weights you can make use of a weighted vest whatever your fitness level. If you want to shed some pounds but aren’t super fit then just wear the vest when walking the dog or just when you are doing housework.

Looking to gain explosive power, practice your sport with a bit of extra weight on your body and you will feel the difference once you perform the same drills without it on. You will feel like you are floating.

Look for gains in strength, for instance, more press ups or pull ups, this is a great way of getting big gains quickly.

Whether you are wanting to shed the pounds, build muscle, increase aerobic endurance, a weighted vest will increase your gains.

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