Five Lurking Diet Dangers That You Must Avoid

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None of us are perfect and the very best method to keep our overall health and wellness is by keeping to a healthy balanced diet and working out regularly.

We should not strive to be perfect but aim for balance and do the best we can.

There are lots of new diets and trends and fads that have appeared over the years. While some of them provide you the weight reduction you want in the time you wish to obtain it. However, as soon as you come off that particular diet and go back to your old habits you will gain back the weight loss and sometimes more. For that reason, the most effective alternative is to alter your lifestyle rather than rely on fad diets.

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Watch out For Added Sugar

Sugar is just empty calories. It provides no nutrients that are essential. Furthermore, the consumption of too much sugar can lead to a number of major health issues. Such as cancer, diabetes, obesity and heart conditions. The intake of excess sugar will make your fat and it does not fill you up. Like a drug, it is addictive and results in sugar cravings that are hard to stop.

You need to be aware when purchasing beverages that are sweetened with sugar. Many of them such as fruit juices are presented as healthy options however they are loaded with sugar. Check the labels to find out the sugar content.

Refined processed grains

A research study from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that even eating whole wheat can result in an increase in cholesterol. Furthermore, even those that do not have celiac disease can respond badly to foods that are glutinous. Whole Wheat is high up on the glycemic index this can lead to high-carb cravings due to sugar highs, even after eating.

For those on a low carbohydrate diet, it is best to stay clear of all grains as it is the main source of carbs. If you are not on a strict low carb diet try to stick to grains that are non-gluten such as rice and oats and eat them sparingly.

The Dangers of Trans Fats

Additionally, these are also referred to as hydrogenated fats. These are unsaturated fats that go through chemical modifications so their shelf life can be extended. It also makes then solid at ambient temperature levels. Trans fats will increase bad cholesterol and decrease HDL [ good cholesterol]. It will also increase stomach fat and this can result in diabetes. Once again do your homework and check the ingredients label to see if it contains the words hydrogenated, partially hydrogenated or Trans fats and avoid!
Artificial Sweeteners

A lot of us gave up sugary beverages and replaced them with diet versions. The seem like the ideal option as quite often they are free of calories. The problem is that artificial sweeteners might have an unhealthy impact on your body. The consumption of sweeteners is connected with weight problems, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome. If you really can’t do without the sweetness in your food or drinks Stevia is the best choice.

Diet Foods – The Myth

It is a simple process to identify the diet or low-fat food items on your supermarket shelves and then add them to you shopping cart under the illusion that you are going for the healthy choice. The problem is that these products are dishonest in their labeling. In all likelihood even though the label says it is low fat it is probably full of sugar. As mentioned already in this article you must constantly check the product label to check that it is really a healthy alternative.

A lot of foods are represented as healthy for instance seed and vegetable oils. However, these are processed products that are not natural. These types of oils are loaded with polyunsaturated fats [omega 6] which are harmful if not combined with the right ratio of omega 3. For this reason always use vegetable or seed oils in moderation, or even better replace them with coconut or olive oil which are healthy options.

Many processed foods are load with synthetic chemicals and are very low in nutrients. If the ingredients has lots of items on it that you don’t know what they are then don’t buy it.

If you are mindful of what you eat and you aren’t seduced by the misleading labels such as 0% fat or Fat-Free then you stand a good chance of leading a healthy lifestyle and losing the weight you need. A little knowledge about the food you eat goes a long way check the ingredients and if you can always go for the natural option.


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