How to do the Eat-Stop-Eat Diet

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Intermittent fasting has many different protocols, each of which have a different eating pattern. The eating pattern describes how long you go with eating and how long you fast for. One of the popular protocols is called the eat-stop-eat diet. Instead of doing fasting daily like with the LeanGains 16-8 protocol, you will instead fast for 24 hours 1-2 days a week, and eat mostly what you want the rest of the week. Here is more information about following this intermittent fasting protocol.

Basics of This Diet

Here is how the Eat-Stop-Eat diet protocol works: you eat how you normally would for the majority of the week, fasting for 24 hours at a time, 1-2 days a week. Some people will fast just one full day a week, while others will fast twice a week, with a few days in between. You can also transition into it slowly, starting with one day, then increasing it to two when you feel comfortable with that.

When to Start the Fast

The great thing about intermittent fasting is that it is very flexible, including with this protocol. You just have to go 24 hours in between eating days, but they can start at any time. You can start them at midnight or 2 in the afternoon – it doesn’t matter. Work with your own schedule, preferably starting it around the middle of the day. This helps to break up the days of fasting, where a good portion of it exists when you are sleeping. Note what time your last meal is, and just make sure you wait 24 hours until your next one.

Breaking the Fast

Another important thing to be aware of with intermittent fasting, especially diets where you are going 24 hours without eating, is how you break the fast. Don’t just pig out and binge eat when it’s time to eat again. You are going to feel ill after going so long without food. You need to ease back into it slowly by having a normal-sized meal of something you’re used to eating when breaking the fast. This first meal might be a little smaller than other meals during the eating phase, and that’s how it should be.

Start With Just One Day

Don’t try to do 2 days during the first week of the eat-stop-eat way of intermittent fasting. For the first few weeks, start with just one day out of the week where you fast for 24 hours. After several weeks of this, you will then be ready to move on to two days out of the week.

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