Essential Oils for Hangovers

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You might already know about using essential oils for anxiety, making your house smell nice, and even using them for your dogs, but what about some of the more unique benefits? One of these benefits is using them to help you with your hangovers. This is among the best ways to naturally cure a hangover faster. Take a look at how you can use your essential oils for a bad hangover.


This sweet and fresh scent is perfect when you have a bad hangover. Grapefruit essential oil is often used for chronic pain, especially migraines, which is why it helps with your hangover headache. The refreshing scent can reinvigorate you, without overwhelming your senses in the morning when you probably have quite a bit of nausea. It can help boost your mood and give you the energy you need while you have the hangover, plus the vitamin C in grapefruit essential oils provides antioxidants for your immune system if you add it to a hot cup of tea or other beverage or food.


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Your hangover might include some pain and discomfort in the form of a pounding headache and some nausea and possibly even vomiting. This is where mint comes in. Peppermint essential oil is one of the best oils for nausea, which can be used alone or with a sweet orange or lemon essential oil. If you want to try using this one for your hangover, try just adding a few drops of the oil to the bottom of your shower with a little water in it, plug the drain, and use the steam in the shower to provide some aromatherapy.

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It probably comes as no surprise that ginger is one of the best essential oils for hangovers. Ginger is often used for nausea and general digestive health, so when you are dealing with nausea the night after drinking more than usual, this can help tremendously. Ginger also has many other healing benefits as well, from protecting your liver to helping boost your energy. As with all oils, you can use it in food or drinks, add to an essential oil diffuser, or mix with a carrier oil and apply directly to your skin.

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Lavender is an amazing essential oil with a long list of benefits. People use this for everything from relaxing in the bath at night and reducing anxiety, to helping with physical pain. It can help with many of your hangover symptoms, including nausea, stomach pain, fatigue, and headaches. The best way to use lavender for a hangover is with a diffuser, which allows you to get some aromatherapy benefits from it.

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