Essential Oils That Are Good for Gut and Intestinal Health

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If you are looking for more natural remedies to help with your gut health, essential oils are a great place to start. There are many to choose from and a wide variety that can improve your digestion and help to heal your gut. Here are some of the top essential oils to consider using.


The first essential oil to consider for your gut and digestive health is lemon oil. Lemon essential oil provides a lot of amazing health benefits for you, not just for your gut. For the digestive system, they help to detox your digestive system, sooth your gut, and have natural anti-bacterial properties. Plus, there is the added benefit of the scent and flavor of lemon oil, making it really easy to use in a variety of ways.


If you take a look at different essential oils that are good for ailments like your digestive health and inflammation in the body, cardamom almost always tops the list. This is because cardamom is another natural anti-inflammatory essential oil, like many others on this list. It is also very soothing and is in the ginger family. Naturally, it works similarly to ginger by easing your stomach as you work hard to heal your gut and digestive system.


Next on the list will probably not surprise you. Peppermint has long since been known as a great essential oil for soothing and cooling many ailments, not just with your exterior body like your skin and burns, but internally with your digestive system. If your gut health is upsetting you due to conditions like IBS, this is a wonderful oil to add to your routine. You can get the oil to use in your tea, pick up some peppermint tea on its own, or even get a supplement.


The last essential oil to learn about for gut health is clove. This is also very closely related to herbs like garlic, which are known to settle the stomach. Clove is one of the oldest and most popular herbs and oils to use for your health, from easing the pain from toothaches to helping reduce stress. This reduction of stress also happens to work in your digestive system. You can often achieve normal function in your entire body by adding oils like clove.

Some other essential oils that are great for your gut health are fennel and oregano oil.

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