Home Arms Workout for Women

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Here’s a great video on arm workouts you can do at home without using any additional equipment, its targeted at women but I don’t see why men couldn’t do these exercises as well.


All right, you guys! Hey, maybe you’re out somewhere and you don’t have any equipment today.

That’s okay.

You want to get an upper body workout in.

We’re going to do a no equipment arm workout.

We’re going to do 45 seconds of work, 15 seconds of rest.

We’re going to really burn them out.

Here we go! Our first exercise is tricep pushups.

You’re going to lay on your side.

The underneath arm is going to wrap around your body, your upper arm is going to be on the ground, and just think about pressing your body up, really engaging that tricep, lowering all the way down to touch your shoulder,and then pressing back up again.

Our second exercise is squat shoulder press.

With this exercise you’re going to start in a squat position with your hands and feet on the ground.

Reach your head as close to the ground as you possibly can.

Our third exercise is bicep leg curl.

You’re going to lay on the ground with your legs out in front of you.

You’re going to interlock your hands underneath one leg, and really think about totally relaxing that leg.

Keep your elbows bent the entire time as you lower, and raise the weight of your leg.

Our fourth exercise is high leg kick through.

You’re going to start in a crab position with one leg up in the air.

You’re going to rotate your body over, kind of bringing your knee in, and then kicking it straight up to the ceiling to really get a nice hit on those shoulders, and then you’re going to rotate back around.

Our fifth exercise is teeter-totter walk outs.

You’re going to start on one leg, you’re going to walk all the way out with one leg still extended.

Think about keeping a nice, flat back.

You’re going to press your body back, and you’re going to just tap that back leg back behind you.

This one is really great for shoulders.

Hey, it’s pretty amazing what a great workout you can get in with just using your bodyweight.

So if you use weights a lot, really think about throwing in a bodyweight workout maybe once a week.

It’s really great.

It throws your body off a little bit.

We love bodyweight training pull ups and dips are great for full body strength workouts and you can even make bodyweight workouts harder by using weighted vests

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