How to Boost Your Testosterone Levels by Working Out

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How to Increase Your Testosterone Levels with these Exercise Tips

Low testosterone is an unpleasant condition which can have a negative effect on your state of mind, energy levels, libido and a lot more. However, by choosing to establish constructive lifestyle decisions, you can increase your testosterone levels naturally and avoid all these negative effects.

In this particular article I’m going to be taking a look at how exercise affects testosterone levels and listing some of the best physical exercises for boosting testosterone.

How Does Working out Have an effect on Testosterone?

Exercise has a strong, positive influence on your testosterone levels. Excessive or insufficient exercise can cause low testosterone but just the right amount and type can boost your testosterone levels by activating the pituitary gland  and the testes. The tips below discuss ways to formulate an effective, testosterone boosting exercise plan.

Limit the length of your Workouts

Several studies that have looked at the relationship between workout time-span and testosterone levels.  studies suggest that exercising for up to an hour can boost your testosterone levels by over 25%. Having said that, after an hour, exercise begins to have a negative effect on testosterone and reduces the amount of this hormone in your blood.

Make sure that you Workout At Maximum Intensity

Exercising at maximum intensity results in the biggest increase in testosterone levels. You need to work out hard and fast to get the best gains.

Do Lift Heavy Weights:

The Canadian Journal Of Applied Psychology took a look at the effect of heavy resistance training on hormone levels and identified that lifting heavy weights caused a considerable improvement in testosterone levels. You can read their Published  analysis Here.

Focus on Compound Exercises:

The latest fitness studies are showing that exercises which involve large muscle groups result in the greatest increases in testosterone. This suggests that if you intend to maximize your testosterone levels, multi-muscle compound exercises are a lot more beneficial than single muscle isolation exercises.

Three Exercises to  Start Boosting your Testosterone

As you can see from our findings mentioned above, fairly short, intense workouts that involve heavy, compound movements are the most effective form of workouts for increasing your testosterone levels.

There are dozens of exercise workouts using weights or kettlebells that can have dramatic effects on your exercise levels but here are three to get you started

The Barbell Chest Press

The barbell chest press is a classic weight training exercise that works your chest, triceps and shoulders. To perform it load the barbell up with a weight that allows you to carry out around six repititions. If you’ve never done barbell chest presses before, start with half your bodyweight and increase or decrease the weight as necessary.  If you manage more than eight repetitions, increase the amount of weight on the barbell. For maximum results, do three or four sets of barbell chest presses.

Here is a Video Demo Of The Barbell Chest Press

Barbell Shoulder Press

The barbell shoulder press is a fantastic exercise for your shoulders, arms and upper back.

Watch a Video Demonstration Of Barbell Shoulder Presses Here

Barbell Squats

The barbell squats is an excellent full body exercise that strengthens your legs and core.

Video Example  Of The Barbell Squat

Adding Cardio to the Mix

While heavy compound movements are the most effective type of exercise for boosting testosterone, don’t neglect cardio exercise all together. Adding some cardio into your workout routine will help you burn fat and sleep better which also can aid lowered testosterone. If you carry out your cardio at maximum intensity, it can still stimulate testosterone production. Fitness programs such as Focus T25 and P90X3 would give you the ideal mix of strength and Cardio training to boost your testosterone, energy and overall fitness levels, check out the programs below…

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