How to Get Better Sleep This Autumn

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How to Get Better Sleep This Autumn

As the Autumn season arrives, readjusting your schedule and learning to embrace the darkness sooner in the evening is essential. In order to ensure you maximize your sleep each night, there are a few tips and life hacks to help keep you on the right track.

Reduce and Eliminate Stress Triggers

Stress has the ability to keep you up at night overthinking the day’s tasks and making plans for the following morning. Reducing and eliminating stress triggers is a must when you want to guarantee a better night’s sleep.

Consider the root cause of your stress and work on individual issues to greatly reduce the stress you feel once you are in bed for the night. Remain proactive when battling stress triggers and face them head-on rather than allowing them to simmer in your mind and resurface as anxiety, depression, and isolation.

Identify stress triggers that occur during work, with family, and even while handling personal responsibilities. Understanding stress triggers that keep you awake at night is the first step to improving everyday habits and finding peace of mind.

If you are unable to change or improve your stress triggers, consider working together with a therapist or counselor. Therapists and counselors understand anxiety and create plans of action that are designed for each client individually.

Change Your Nighttime Routine

Change your nighttime routine to adjust to Fall weather and Daylight Saving Time. As the day is cut shorter, adjust your bedtime and the time you typically wind down to accommodate for outdoor changes. Return home at an earlier time in the evening to allow yourself more time to unwind while getting ready for dinner, watching shows, and going to sleep.

Change Your Diet for the Cooler Seasons

During the fall and winter months, it is not uncommon to begin eating more fall-centric foods such as soups and warm casseroles. Learn more about fall fruits and vegetables and shop accordingly to save money while providing yourself and your household with proper vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients found in fresh foods.

Research fall recipes to incorporate healthier ingredients with each dish you prepare. Avoid stocking up on foods packed with starches, refined sugars, and large amounts of carbohydrates to prevent excessive weight gain throughout the holiday season.

Increase Daily Exercise

Colder temperatures often result in less outdoor activity, even if you enjoy the fall and winter months. Increase the amount of daily exercise you receive by walking more or spending time at an indoor gym. Incorporate exercises that are easy to implement into your daily routine even if you are stuck inside of the house due to poor weather conditions outside. Remain active throughout the fall and winter to prevent health issues, muscle atrophy, and weight gain even in the harshest weather.

Making the right changes to your lifestyle during the fall and winter months helps guarantee better solid sleep without sacrificing free time during your days. With the right changes, feel well-rested each morning even during the shortest days of the year.

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