How to Look and Feel Younger Than Your Age

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ways to look younger

As soon as you start noticing that your body has recently begun to reveal evidence of growing old and lost a little of its youthful appearance, you may be looking for ways to reverse the clock a little.

Many people at some period in their life desire to appear younger than their actual, but most of us have the ability to apply strategies that can help us seem younger looking.

Needless to say, looks are just half the fight. You want to actually feel more youthful as well. Many of the suggestions we recommend will certainly give you increased energy and a boost in confidence. You really should get some significant benefits using this anti-aging plan.


Correct Posture will help you look young and strengthen your body

What does Being Old Mean to you?

It is said that age is considered a state of mind, still exactly what do you picture being old as looking like?

What images enter your mind if you imagine a mature man or woman?

Depending upon how old you are, you might believe a person who is forty is old, or possibly you picture an elderly stooped or hunched individual. If so, a lot of elderly individuals have conditions which make movement a problem. Often that could be as a result of osteoporosis, in which their bones have gotten weak and fragile and their back starts to curve.

And so, to begin seeming much younger than your years, stand straight and tall! Begin by actively straightening out your back whenever you are seated, standing or walking.

This might not feel comfortable initially; however, your improved posture will come to be a lot easier the more you apply it. Your muscles will adapt to the new you. Additionally, weight bearing activity creates stronger bones. So even though it’s simply standing and working at standing up straight, you are off to a really good start.


Update your Clothes, Hair Style, and Makeup for a more youthful appearance

At times older people wear clothes that are outdated. If you wish to look younger maybe you should freshen your style with some contemporary clothes. We are not suggesting you need to get dressed up like a teenager. Select some new clothes that are stylish and flattering, you don’t have to follow the latest teenage fashion, looking stylish never goes away.


When you think about old age visions of gray hair come to mind as well, don’t they?

If your hair has lost its more youthful color and now turned gray why not reward yourself with a trip to a hair salon and have your hair dyed. If you are not keen on changing your hair color completely why not consider combining you gray with another shade. For instance salt and pepper, we have often seen mature celebrities with this look and it makes them look pretty good.

Your hair color is not the sole factor in making you appear old. Both women and men can experience loss of hair. If your hair begins to recede you can try to prevent it getting worse by using a product for hair loss.

Is your hair style also outdated? If so it can make you appear older. You can get your hair stylist to give you a brand new look. Do some online research to find a style you might prefer. For balding men shaving your head to a buzz cut can often take years off your appearance. Comb-overs, don’t work!

One more sign of aging is how you apply your makeup. Older women in some cases tend to put on heavy makeup. Often they are attempting to conceal wrinkles or they are simply just following a lifelong approach of applying their makeup. In most cases putting on your makeup like this just ages you more.

As you get older opt for natural tones and colors that are softer rather than bright lipsticks and heavy blue eyeshadow. Try not to apply heavy foundation or lots of powder.

These four factors are a few of the obvious signs now let us get a little bit more thorough and look at the appearance of the body to find out just how we are able to reverse time and appear  younger than our true age.

Eliminate Dead old Skin Cells

Dried out ash colored skin is going to make you old. If you want to appear more youthful and restore that past radiance that you had before it’s still there hiding below the dead cells.

As you get older skin cells take much longer to shed. When you are young this occurs naturally and very quickly. Unfortunately, as you age you have to help things along using an exfoliator.

Gently using an exfoliator you should cast of the dead skin cells. You should carry this out routinely for the whole body and you will find your body looks more youthful straight away.


Make sure you Moisturize

Once you have shed the dead cells you should moisturize or else your skin is going to rapidly look dry and ashen, just like the dead cells you got rid of!

Ensure you buy a moisturizer that is suitable for each part of the body face, eyes, and body.

Use it straight away once you finish your bath or shower to keep in the moisture. You could even buy a night cream and an eye cream for extra repair and restoration.

You really should moisturize these body parts daily; face, neck, hands and elbow. These four areas display the signs of age much more. You should still apply moisturizer to other areas but they are not as important. If you are in a rush see to it you at the very least moisturize these four areas.


How the Sun Effects Aging

Make certain you stay clear of an excessive amount of exposure to the sun. It will dry your skin, it can also increase your chance of skin cancer. If the sun is strong make sure you use sunscreen before you head out.

It is also important to keep in mind that not getting sun exposure is harmful. This is because a deficiency in vitamin D can cause deterioration in bone health which eventually can lead osteoporosis. Try to get out early in the morning and spend 20 minutes or so daily soaking up the sun’s rays before it gets too hot. If you can’t get the natural Vitamin D from the sun, think about taking a supplement. On the subject of supplements, Omega-3 can also help your skin to stay supple.


How do you deal with wrinkles once they occur?

It is an obvious fact that wrinkles are more visible on your face since this is what most people see initially!

A few individuals resort to Botox injections to deal with their wrinkles temporarily, however, there’s a great deal you are able to do by yourself to combat wrinkles in a natural way.

Wrinkles show up a lot more prominently if the skin isn’t really hydrated sufficiently. And so the very first action to take is to hydrate. Drink lots of water in order to help the elasticity of your skin. It will also how along with moisturizing as discussed earlier to keep the skin from drying out.

If you are a cigarette smoker take this as an incentive to give up right now. Smoking [not forgetting all its other health risks] results in lots of wrinkles. Smokers tend to have particularly more wrinkles on the face and especially in areas around the lips.

If you are a woman that likes to put on a lot of make up a chance is needed. As mentioned previously skip the heavy use of makeup…’less is more’.

Adding vitamin C to you anti-aging regime is a good idea. Wrinkles are much less common in people that have enough vitamin C than those deficient in it.


Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Not only is sleep vital to energize you throughout the day at the same time it enables your body to get to work restoring any damage that’s been done throughout the day.

You might not realize it but your skin is constantly being assaulted by pollutants and sleep will revitalize your skin cells when you allow your body to relax.

Unluckily sleep typically worsens as we grow older.

You have to reclaim control of it and get your night-time back to as it was before. Incorporate an ideal sleep routine as soon as possible. This means relaxing prior to sleep and staying clear of stimulants.

Avoid TV, computer or any other electronic screens a couple of hours before going to bed. Soaking in a warm bath is a good idea and if you add Epsom salts, the magnesium will help your body relax. Try reading before sleep but nothing that will keep you awake thinking.

Plan to get 7 to 9 hours of sleep each and every night so turn in at a respectable hour and give your body time to unwind.

Sleep is also crucial for the health of your brain. When you sleep the buildup of toxins are purged. This toxic buildup can trigger dementia and various others diseases associated with the brain. Research findings have observed a connection between Alzheimer’s disease and a lack of sleep.

With improved and more sleep you will discover that your face will certainly get a significant boost in youthfulness. There will be no more dark circles around your eyes, your skin will not be as saggy and you’ll look and feel so much better.


What your smile shows about your age

Your teeth are most likely to be the very first thing that people observe about you. When you smile it will make you seem younger or older dependent on your teeth. If they are stained yellow from smoking or coffee drinking you will look older.

These days we have many solutions for teeth whitening. You ae able to get it done professionally or you can use a shop bought teeth whitener. You can even create your own whitener using a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda.

If you have broken or cracked teeth, or if you are missing one or some, it makes sense to got to the dentist and get them fixed.

This improvement to your smile will certainly make you look more youthful.


 Begin Eating and Working Out the Proper Way.

Although obesity can create a huge problem as we get older you do not need to visit the other extreme and end up being so skinny you have little fat on your body. Body Fat serves to help fend off the process of aging to a certain degree.

Even when you’re bothered about being too heavy, a low-fat diet will do you no good as you age. Healthy fats help the development of your natural hormones.

Eat a balanced diet that feeds your body with all the nutrients your body needs. Follow a proven diet for longevity a good example would be the Mediterranean diet. A healthy eating lifestyle will get you looking and feeling far better than you have for a long time. The main thing is to take it easy on the sugar and low nutrient processed carbs.

Exercise is also essential. Luckily recent finding now show evidence that extreme workouts for long periods result in the aging of the body. Aim for more frequent, briefer workout sessions. Apply a realistic program of cardio and strength training. As you get older you easily lose muscle mass and tone which will make you look older and flabbier. Working out with resistance training and a little cardio 4-5 times a week will be a big benefit.


Aging and the Mind

If you have a reputation as someone who is constantly grumbling about every little thing and you are acting like a grouchy old man or women…then stop it!

Optimistic individuals live for longer. They also get more out of life and seem to appear younger than people with a negative mindset.

You can apply this new positive attitude by using positive affirmations daily or writing in a gratitude journal.

You need to train your body as you would your body, people who stay busy are able to avoid memory loss than those that have very little to do.

Engage yourself in brain puzzles like Sudoku and crosswords to keep you mind sharp.

No matter what your age do not let you brain become stale, turn off the TV and immerse yourself in projects that work the mind.

If you are retired it’s a great time to begin a 2nd career, perhaps even on the Internet.

There are tons of opportunities that aren’t based on youth or having a large amount of money to start. Online DIY publishing options like Kindle Desktop Publishing allow anyone to write a book. You can even become a virtual assistant or teach something that you are passionate about online.

It is important to be social and not to become a recluse in your more mature years. You need to still have adventure, friendships, and relationships in order to enjoy life and this will keep you from aging in mind and body.

Final Thoughts

If you start now you have an excellent chance of looking younger than your age and a giant head start on delaying ‘old age’. The simple act of making a conscious choice to do so is empowering in itself. Small steps of self-care and putting your own needs first will engage your powerful subconscious mind toward self-rejuvenation.

Make a project of yourself and begin a process of comfortable self-improvement in diet, fitness and appearance. As you notice improvements you will be motivated to increasingly continue to improve in all areas. The better it gets, the better it gets.

Whatever your current age, start implementing some of these anti-aging tips now and you will give yourself a head start and delay some of the factors of aging that you can control. We can’t stop the march of time but we can help slow it down. Don’t try to make all these different improvements at once otherwise, you will become overwhelmed. Focus on adding one anti-aging method every week and the compound results will soon start showing. A brisk walk in the early morning will ensure that you are getting exercise as well as your quota of vitamin D and will cost you nothing. That is just one example of a habit that you can add to your lifestyle for positive anti-aging results.

Good luck and comment below if this has motivated you in any way.



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