How To Maintain Your Weight During The Fall Season

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Maintaining Your Weight Loss Goals

Whether you are already working on losing weight, or want to start dieting now, this time of year has its own set of challenges. While losing weight during any time of the year is difficult, the fall has a lot of holidays that promote sugar-laden treats and less exercise.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t do it! In fact, fall is a wonderful time of year to work on weight loss and weight management for a wide range of reasons.

Keep reading to learn more about maintaining your weight loss goals even during the Autumn season.

Find Outdoor Activities

To start with, you need to get in some good physical activity all season long. It is not winter yet, so you should be okay most days with outdoor exercising. While there are a lot of amazing indoor workouts (At the gym and at home), don’t underestimate how beneficial it can be to get outdoors.

Why You Should Exercise Outdoors

First of all – why is it so important to exercise outdoors? This is of course optional, but here are some reasons it can be a great idea, especially in the fall season:

You get more vitamin D – The problem with weather getting cooler is that less people in general will spend time outdoors. After summer, how often do you like to participate in outdoor activities? By adding outdoor exercise, you are getting a little more natural vitamin D right form the sun’s UV rays. This is great if you get SAD (seasonal affective disorder), natural energy, and battling anxiety and depression during the fall.

It allows you to get some fresh air – Not only will you get more vitamin D with your outdoor exercises, but you get fresh air as well. Being indoors can be comfortable and inviting during the season, but you still need just as much fresh air as other times of the year.

It encourages you to exercise more – If you are someone that is never motivated enough to go to the gym, or gets bored with home workouts, don’t force yourself to do them! During the Autumn, you might prefer going on walks to scenic areas, taking friends on a hike, or taking your dog to a nearby lake. This is really good encouragement for more regular activity, even with the “unconventional” types of workouts.

Some Outdoor Exercise Ideas

Looking for some outdoor exercise inspiration? Here are a few ideas to help get you started:

Go on a Hike or Scenic Walk – To start with, enjoy the changing leaves and cooler weather by going on a hike or just a walk in any scenic area. This is going to benefit you in a number of ways, including getting your heart rate up, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors in your hometown, and get the vitamin D you need during this time of year.

Please Note – Remember to be safe and hike with others, make sure your phone is charged, and bring plenty of water and snacks.

Involve Your Dogs – Not motivated to walk alone? Bring your dogs! They are wonderful companions on walks and keep you from being alone. Many dogs can also be extra protection for you if you are walking early in the morning or late at night. Just be sure your dog is healthy enough for the walk and that you bring them water on longer walks.

Try a Turkey Trot – If you are interested in a longer walk or run, such as with a 5k or 10k, see if you have any turkey trots in your area. These have become very popular, and are often around Thanksgiving, though many cities do them earlier.

Try Out Biking – This is a great time to try something new. If you have a bicycle, why not explore some new areas in your city or town? Bicycling is wonderful exercise and lets you use different muscles than when you are just walking or hiking.

Participate in Fall Activities – In addition to traditional exercising outdoors, you can also get more activity in the fall simply by participating in outdoor activities. This might include apple picking, getting a pumpkin from a pumpkin patch, or going to a local fair.

Get Together with Other Health-Oriented Friends

Having a healthy Autumn isn’t just about watching what you eat and making sure you exercise. It is also great to have daily motivation by spending more time with friends and family who also believe health is important.

Being around others who want you to be healthier and how you can encourage to be healthier is so much more powerful than people imagine. If you spend all your time with a friend who likes to push sugary sweets and encourage you to skip your workouts, you are bound to cave. While this is okay sometimes, it is also good to have health-oriented people in your life to give you that extra push.

Ideas for Healthy Activities with Friends

Not sure what to do together? Take a look at these simple, fun, and healthy ideas:

Carve Pumpkins – Pumpkins are not just for the kids! Anyone can have fun going to a local pumpkin patch and carving pumpkins. This really makes it feel like fall, and can gear you up for Halloween as well. Save the seeds to roast for a healthy snack as well.

Try a New Nearby Hike – Nothing better than exploring something new with friends. Get a group of friends or loved one out to go on a hike, trying a new hiking trail you haven’t been on before. You can enjoy the fall foliage while exercising at the same time.

Do Fall Crafts – If you want to avoid constantly having to socialize with food around, try some crafts. There are many fall crafts you can enjoy this time of year.

Do Some Fall Healthy Baking – Another option is to get together at someone’s house to bake, but choose healthier options.

Gear Up for Holiday Season

This is also a good time to start preparing for the holidays, when fattening food tends to be in excess. If you are trying to lose weight during the fall, the last thing you want to do is end up with bags of Halloween candy or over-indulging in pre-Thanksgiving treats.

Before the holidays begin in the fall, start preparing for them. Decide on healthier dishes to make for Thanksgiving, buy candy you don’t enjoy for the trick-or-treaters, and stick to your healthy regimen just in case you want to indulge a little in treats.


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