Ingredients for an Anti-Inflammatory Green Juice

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As you study the human body, one of the most interesting parts of healing is the process of inflammation. This can occur when your body has experienced some kind of trauma, like a deep cut or even an allergic reaction. Inflammation serves it purpose to keep your tissues protected and to signal that there has been damage, but it can also be a sign of the presence of toxins or an imbalance of some kind. Fortunately, there are a wide array of fruits and vegetables that you can add to your green juice for anti-inflammatory effects.


This leafy green vegetable has been so unpopular with kids in the past that they created a cartoon character to help sell them on its healthy attributes. Spinach is a wonderful source of iron, and other minerals, but one of its most important uses is to bring down inflammation. If you add a handful of spinach to your green juice recipe, you’ll have a greener, more powerful drink that can help you bring down any sort of sudden swelling that you might experience.


Blueberries are some of the most excellent sources of antioxidants that you can buy. They’re high in vitamins, and add a wonderful flavor to just about anywhere you choose to include them. Blueberries are very sweet, and can be frozen for long term storage. This will save you money down the road because blueberries are normally expensive when you purchase them from grocery chains. Buying them in larger quantities and freezing them fresh makes sure you know where they came from and that you’ll have them available for your next drink.


These red berries are extremely tart, and hide an excellent amount of necessary nutrient needed for joint health. Cherries are associated with the ability to reduce swelling for people who suffer from some types of arthritis. Cherries can be an excellent treat for older parents and grandparents who benefit from reducing inflammation.


Carly is a strong flavored stalky vegetable that is used as a flavor additive in many sauces and as a garnish on some dishes. It’s heavily basic and can help settle the stomach, and calm inflammation. Celery has a multitude of benefits that you can avail yourself of if you decided to make it a part of your juicing routine.


Papaya is a base fruit that grows in tropical regions naturally. People in those areas used the fruit to treat stomach issues and calm upset stomachs to improve digestion. It’s also been known that it can reduce inflammation, and it has a very sweet, calming flavor. Don’t miss a chance to try this fruit in your favorite green juice recipe.

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