Natural Appetite Suppressants

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If you are struggling with an insatiable appetite, it might be getting in the way of losing weight, or just causing you to spend a lot of your time thinking about food. There is a lot to learn about hunger cues and figuring out if you really are hungry or not, but if you just want to lessen your appetite a little, the following natural methods can help.

Green Tea

When you are looking for a healthy beverage, skip the soft drink or sugary juice, and go for green tea instead. Not only is this a healthier option with a lower amount of sugar and caffeine, but it includes green tea extract, which is great for suppressing your appetite. This is one of many reasons it is recommended when you are trying to lose weight. Green tea has been known to help with providing antioxidants your body needs, balance out your metabolism, and regulate the hormones that regulate your hunger and appetite.


In terms of herbs that can help suppress your appetite, fenugreek is one of the best ones. This is actually part of the legume family, though it is classified as an herb. You can get ground fenugreek, which is ground from the seeds of this plant. Fenugreek contains lots of fiber, which helps to reduce your appetite, as well as provide other health benefits like balancing your cholesterol and even helping to regulate your blood sugar levels.


As far as foods to eat, add a little more nuts to your diet. Yes, these are higher in fat, but they also contain fiber, protein, and plenty of other nutrients your body needs. They are considered healthy fats that does your body good and can also help to suppress your appetite between meals. Have a handful of nuts and cheese as a snack, or a healthy breakfast with a slice of whole grain bread, some nut butter, and sliced bananas on top. Just be careful with your portion sizes since they are a bit higher in fat.

Essential Oils

If you are interested in more holistic remedies for reducing your appetite, try essential oils. Quite a few of them have been known to help with appetite suppression, including peppermint and lemon, but grapefruit is among the best. Grapefruit itself is great for reducing hunger and appetite, so it makes sense that the pure essential oil would also be beneficial. You will also get some extra antioxidants and important enzymes your body needs.

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