10 Reasons to Buy Kettlebells

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In the last few years the humble kettlebell, [ I mean all it is really is a cannonball shaped weight with a handle!] has become a much prized and widely used piece of fitness equipment. Its simple design enables you to carry out a wide variety of different exercises that  workout multiple muscle groups at the same time. As well as this it produces a great Cardio Boost as well.

Using a kettlebell doesn’t just get you strong though it also gets you into an anaerobic state when you are working out. This is a really effective ways to shed the fat and accelerate your metabolism after your workout, you will keep burning fat at an accelerated rate for 24hrs and more.

Listed below are some of the reasons why we think that this amazing workout tool should be used by anyone wanting to get strong and lose weight.

10 Reasons to Workout with Kettlebells

Total Body Workout

Weight training equipment such as dumbbells and barbells and home gym machines or gym weight machines will all work your body. The only issue is that they will only work one muscle or a specific muscle group. The exercises that you perform with kettlebells are much more dynamic and they work multiple muscle groups at the same time. This provides your body with a total body workout creating all round natural looking lean muscle mass.

Gives you a 3 In 1 Workout

Using a kettlebell you combine weight training with a cardio workout.Kettlebell circuits will improve your heart health, build lean muscle mass and are extremely effective at burning fat.

Doubles Your Calorie-Burning Rate!

When you spend an hour on a cross trainer or running machine you will burn 600 calories appapproximatelyIf you workout correctly  with kettlebells they can help you burn up to 1200 calories in the same amout of time.

Enhances your Core Fitness

Having a strong core is more than just getting six-pack abs [though that would be a nice bonus!]. It is the power zone of you body which lays groundwork for all movements. The core is vital for good posture, which, provides steadiness in the course of day to day day-to-day activities. Many exercised performed with Kettlebells work the core and other muscles at the same time which makes it a better choice than doing cardio or strength training that does not.

Short Effective Workouts

The Traditional method most people carry out for general fitness is to  do cardio and strength training on alternative days. Many Kettlebell workouts combine the two due to the fact that as you do Kettlebell moves you not only tone and develop lean muscle mass, you are also getting an effective cardio workout that provides benefit to your heart and burns fat at an accelerated rate. Using my kettlebells for a workout I can do a High-Intensity training session of 20 minutes with instead of hitting the gym or weights one day and going for a jog the next…Fantastic!!


A Low Impact Workout

A lot of cardio exercise, such as aerobics and running are high impact on  your joints. However, Kettlebell training is low or no impact, consequently, it spares the joints and opens up the option for many to get a workout that will get the heart racing and improve your cardio fitness without the joint pain and inflammation.

Easy to Store

You don’t need a large space to perform you Kettlebell workouts and they are easy to store. If you have the space to hold your arms out at full length you have enough room to workout with your kettlebells. They don’t take up much room and even make attractive door stops!

Low Cost

If you buy a set of kettlebells or even adjustable Kettlebells the initial cost might set you back a little but they will not only last a lifetime and give you a superior workout they are much more cost effective in the long term that expensive gym memberships or buying multiple pieces of equipment to get the same results.

Improved Flexibility

Kettlebell training provides workouts that increase your range of motion, your stretching and flexing the tendons and joints that are not targeted in traditional workouts.

…And Lastly it’s Fun!!

 The one thing I can assure you is that working out with kettlebells even though challenging can also be great fun. Its such a unique way of working out and there are hundreds of different moves that can be incorporated into different circuits. No walking for hours on end on a boring treadmill or pedaling for hours.

If like me you  get bored doing the same exact workout consistently even when it is done only two or three times a week then this is your answer. Kettlebell Training allows you beat that repetitiveness by offering a range of diverse and enjoyable moves to use.

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