Sitting Disease – The Facts

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Take a seat, pull up your chair and relax your feet.

Certainly somebody has actually welcomed you in this particular way and their purpose was to make you comfortable it wasn’t to threaten your health!

However if you remain in a sitting posture for too much time, findings show that you can increase the danger of dying early. You also will reduce overall health level. You could cut many years off your life. Current research studies carried out around the World reveal that stress put on the underside of your thighs when you have sat for an extended amount of time prevents the flow of blood throughout your whole body.

Extended durations of sitting ought to be interrupted by standing up, movement or even indulging in a little exercise. This does not mean to suggest that you need to run a marathon or do any other extreme type of exercise. As long as you get your body moving and heat pumping a little this will be fine.

Sitting Disease Video

This is a must watch to understand the dangers

The  Leading Dangers of Sitting Too Long

Sitting for extended periods can trigger…

A reduced life expectancy and the chance of premature death

The World Health Organization has reported that inactivity is ranked as the fourth main risk that could lead to death. Initially this seems like fairly bad news for those of us who have sedentary lifestyles or jobs. However once we are equipped with this understanding we can combat this by-product of prolonged sitting. It really is simple you just need to get off you chair or sofa and be more active.

The WHO, a well-respected health organization is not alone in its opinion of the risks of inactivity. A research study released by the Archives of Internal Medicine carried out a trial of its own. The findings were if you site for a total combination of eleven or more hours in a day you will increase the risk of dying by and extraordinary 40%! That information by itself ought to be sufficient inspiration to keep you moving your body through the day. Don’t sit your way to an early death.

Sitting for too Long Reduces Mental Capacity.

Yes long periods of sitting can actually make you stupid.

The primary culprit of the majority of harmful sitting signs is the decreased blood circulation. When new blood and oxygen aren’t pumped to the brain at the correct rate you’re brain starts to wander. You’re not as sharp as when your body is active. Likewise persistent sitting can stop mood enhancing chemicals from being created. This can make you bad tempered and moody as well as absent minded and slow mentally.

A raise in the possibility of getting colon or breast cancer

The cure for cancer still evades us in this modern day despite years of persistent research and huge amounts of dollars in financing. The Study we mentioned above by the World Health Organization discovered that lack of activity and sitting accounted for 25% of cancers of the colon and breast.

To put it simply the moment you stand up from and get out of your chair you immediately start to improve your chances of contracting these potentially deadly cancers.

Do you require more evidence?

In 2012 the American Institute for Cancer Research revealed that 43,000 instances of colon cancer could be linked to lack of movement or inactivity. This research study likewise discovered that more than 49,000 breast cancer cases were additionally linked to an inactive way of life.

Sitting Disease cancels out your Work Out Efforts

Think you work out enough to counteract the effects, Think again!

If the risks of sitting down for long periods that we have mentioned don’t make you want to leap from your chair and move around then this one may.

Let’s say you work in an office and you spend the majority of the day in a sedentary sitting job. You understand that this type of lifestyle could be harmful if not fatal. But you aren’t worried because you are already signed up for a gym membership, or jog or workout regularly. Nothing wrong in this, you are heading in the right direction.

Yet sitting for extended periods even with breaks cab still negate all the effort that you have put into your fitness regime. A report from the University of Sydney Show that exercise can be completely neutralized by the very negative health impact of sitting for a prolonged time regularly.


Degeneration of the Muscles.

So we’ve discussed how prolonged sitting can reverse the positive impacts of exercise. However not only does it counteract your physical efforts it also can trigger muscle degeneration. If you’re standing or moving about your core muscles are functioning to keep your body posture upright. However slumping in your seat which usually occurs if you are a sat for a long amount of time means you core muscles aren’t stressed. If your core muscles go unused they start to become weak. Likewise, those who are sitting for long periods seldom use their glutes or hip flexors. This decreases you stability and your range of movement. All these conditions result in weak muscles.


Sitting can Increase the possibility of getting diabetes or heart and cardio issues.

A study by the Harvard School of Public health found that if you sat for more than two hours at one time your risk of a heart condition increased by 15% of having diabetes jumped by 20%.


Leg and hip bone weakness

If you sit for extended periods of time, whether its’s constant or cumulative it causes pressure to the back of your legs. This obviously keeps the blood from flowing in your legs properly. If you have been on a long car journey and sat for a long time and then got up out of  your vehicle, you will know the feeling of how weak and tight your leg muscles feel. If you stretch and exercise your legs for a while the circulation starts flowing again and you feel much better.

Now if you multiply those unfavorable effects over a life of sitting down too much rather than just a car journey. Conditions can include swollen ankles and varicose veins as just two minor complaints. Blood clots in the legs can result in life-threatening conditions such as deep vein thrombosis. Running or just plain walking will put positive stress on your legs and hips. This stress causes them to become more dense and strong. If you are sitting all the time the bones grow weak rather than becoming stronger.

Sitting disease causes weight gain

It is an obvious fact that if you are sitting all day then you are going to be burning minimal calories. If you get up and move during the day you will kick start the metabolism and boost energy. Combine eating junk food or snacks while you are sitting all day and you face the chance of being overweight and it may even result in diabetes. This is another reason for getting out of your chair and moving about a bit.

Sitting makes you back inflexible and can cause spinal damage

One of the most common modern complaints is the ‘bad back’. This once again is likely to be a result of sitting too often. If you move around, even in typical ways, the soft discs that are located in between your vertebrae act as shock absorbers. Your everyday movement result in healthy blood circulation and these discs get benefits from fresh blood flowing and the nutrients it contains.

If you sit for you long lengths of time your discs don’t get the fresh, blood they require. Sitting can also in some cases results in your discs being damaged by the constant compression.

 Effects on insulin resistance and high cholesterol levels

Even after just five days of inactivity, your bad cholesterol levels start to rise considerably as well as you insulin resistance.

Exactly what does this imply?

Your muscles start to soak up fat and your blood sugar will spike. Just sitting for five days without much inactivity, even if you are an active individual will start to cause deterioration to your heart.


Fighting Sitting Disease

Now we have given you some understanding of the risks of sitting, exactly what can you do to combat it?

You might have a job that requires you to be sat down all day throughout the week. When you finish work and arrive home you may sit and look at your emails and then talk to your friends on Facebook or watch YouTube videos. This might be done relaxing on your sofa or on a comfortable recliner. This isn’t bad just ensure that for every single hour you spend sitting, get up and move about for 15 minutes or so at a minimum.

This doesn’t mean you need to work out. Carrying out some household task is fine or going for a walk, even if it’s around the backyard for a while will do. You can even combine a quick workout while watching something on TV that you enjoy.

Likewise, you can practice proper posture when you are sitting especially at work or at your home computer. Sit with your feet flat on the floor. Adjust the chair so it is the correct height for your computer screen. Be aware of how you are sitting when at work. Do you crane your neck forward; do you tense your shoulders? Being mindful of your body is very important.


It’s very simple to reverse ‘sitting disease’ all it entails is getting up and moving during the day. The problem is that you probably have ingrained habits from years of sitting. All you need to do is change those existing habits and be aware of when you are sitting for too long.

There are lots of online timers that you can set so that after 45 minutes an alarm goes off to remind you to get up and move around. Be aware of yourself, it is very easy to get caught up on tasks on your computer and remain almost motionless for hours.

Sitting disease is a serious issue in our modern developed society but is one that is easily remedied if you take the effort.

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