Tips for Using an Essential Oil Roller Bottle

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When people start making their own essential oil blends or just diluting oils, they often store them in little glass amber bottles, as these help keep them fresh for the longest period of time. However, a different type of bottle you may come across is called a roller bottle. This unique bottle has rollers just underneath the top, allowing you to roll on the oil directly to your skin or another surface, instead of using drops. Here are some tips for using these types of bottles.

Dilute Your Essential Oils

As with all types of blending, adding oils to your essential oil roller bottle typically includes adding a carrier oil. This is because you are not adding drops of oil from the bottle to other things, but you are putting it directly onto your skin. It needs to be diluted with an appropriate carrier oil, such as coconut, olive, jojoba, or grapeseed oil.

Learn about dilution amounts before you get started to make sure the oil is diluted enough for safe topical application. Typically, you are aiming for about a 5 percent dilution amount. If you have a standard 10ml bottle, it is going to be 10 drops of essential oils, with the rest of the bottle being your carrier oil. If it is to be used for kids, stick to 1-2% essential oils when diluting them.

Adding the Oils

Roller bottles are typically on the smaller size, with the 10ml bottle being the average size. This is actually an easy size to work with because it makes calculating the dilution amounts easier to work with. You can add the oils and carrier oils in any order you want, as long as you pay close attention to the number of drops.

When adding the oils, it helps to have a way to hold the bottle upright. Either hold it one hand while you drop the essential oils with the other, or see if you can create some sort of stand for it. Having a helper is another option.

Benefits of Using a Roller Bottle

There are many different reasons to consider making some blends in roller bottles. Here are just a few:

Keeping Diluted Oils for Skin Application – These are a great way to keep some of your oils diluted beforehand, and not have to worry about it.

They Are Easier to Apply – Much less fuss and mess is involved with the roller bottles. The little roller keeps the majority of the oils inside the bottle, so that you just roll on how much you need.

They Are Convenient for Traveling – Also keep in mind that when you are traveling, you may need an application of your oil quickly and easily. Without worrying about drops or other products, you can just roll it on as needed.

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