Top 3 Bodyweight Exercises for Your Triceps

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The tricep is a muscle that is so often overlooked, everyone wants big biceps but it is just as important to work out the tricep here are three exercises you can do to workout your triceps


The Triceps is also called the three headed muscle, because there are three bundles of muscles, each of different origins, joining together at the elbow.

the triceps can be worked through either isolation or compound elbow extension movements and can contract statically to keep the arm straightened against resistance.

we are focusing on the 3 best bodyweight exercises for your triceps.

starting off with the first exercise.


Now you can do dips on a bar like this, but i also recommend doing dips on a straight bar or even rings.

doing dips on a straight bar will help you especially if you want to learn a muscle up.

ring dips will help you stabilizing your muscles and body.

I like to do them on a straight bar mainly because i feel less pain on my chest and feel like my triceps is targeted more this way.

the second exercise is called bench dips.

Put your hands on a chair or a stool and lower your body.

go down until your elbows have reached a 90 degree angle.

this is an easy exercise but no matter how strong or advanced you are, it will always benefit your tricep muscle.

To make it easier, bring your legs to your body.

the 3rd important exercise is the tricep extension to perform this exercise put your hands on a bar and go directly downwards.

your elbows have to go under the bar.

note that this exercise is different than this one where you mostly target your forearms and elbows.

I hope this video helped you out.

Source: Youtube

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