Top Ways to Use Coconut For Pain Relief

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Experiencing chronic pain is hard enough to deal with, without having to add in harsh chemicals and drugs into the mix. If you want a more natural treatment for your pain, you might want to consider using coconut oil. Take a look at how coconut oil can help with chronic pain relief.

Understand the Benefits

Before getting into how you can use coconut oil for pain relief, you should understand how exactly it helps with pain. Coconut oil is good for pain related to inflammation and joints, which is why it is perfect for conditions like arthritis and even carpal tunnel syndrome. The fatty acids that are in coconut oil make it an ideal choice when you want to help reduce inflammation in your joints and strengthen your bones. It can also increase blood circulation in the affected areas, which is great for relieving your pain.

How to Use Coconut Oil For Pain

Now for the fun part – actually applying the coconut oil! What you want to do is apply the oil directly to the areas of your body that are causing you pain. However, coconut oil usually comes in more of a solid form unless you store it in a warm environment, so you will need to liquefy it enough to where you can massage it on your aching joints and parts. With a smaller container, you can just hold it in between your hands, but with larger containers, you might need to heat them up first.

Make a Pain Relief Balm

Not only can you rub the coconut oil directly on the joints or areas of your body that are hurting, but you can make your very own balm. This includes coconut oil and some other natural ingredients that are meant to help you provide more relief, without buying something at the store or having to take heavy drugs every time you are having pain. While there are a lot of different recipes, you should try to use apple cider vinegar and turmeric in the balm. The reason is because both of these provide a lot of amazing health benefits with reducing swelling and inflammation, which is perfect for arthritis and related conditions. If you have a burn on your skin that accompanies the pain, then you can also use aloe vera in the balm, which will provide some soothing power as well..

Video of How to Make a Coconut and Celtic Sea Salt Rub


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