Treatment Options For Sleep Apnea

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Treatment Options For Sleep Apnea

After you have looked at the side effects and symptoms of sleep apnea, you likely have a good idea about whether or not you have this condition. After being diagnosed by your doctor, you will then need to discuss treatment options. Here are some different treatments that are often effective for this sleep disorder.

CPAP Machine

One of the first treatment options your doctor will probably suggest is the CPAP machine. This stands for continuous positive airway pressure, which means it is going to help with the pressure of your breathing. When you are sleeping with the CPAP machine, there is a mask covering your nose to provide enough air pressure for continued breathing. This prevents pauses in your breathing when you have sleep apnea.

Breathing Devices

There are also other breathing devices that can help with your breathing when you have sleep apnea. These are oral devices that you often get from your dentist, though doctors sometimes provide them as well. With oral breathing devices, they also go over your nose, and are sometimes referred to as oral dilators.


Medications are not meant to help you while sleeping, but are something prescribed during the day. Insomnia and fatigue are common side effects for people with sleep apnea. Until the other treatments begin to work, you may need medications that will keep you alert during the day. Talk to your doctor if you have trouble with fatigue, lack of energy, and reduced focus during the day to see if medications will be a good fit for you.


Surgery is usually the last resort for sleep apnea, but might be recommended if the breathing devices or other treatments are not working for you. The primary surgical procedure to help with sleep apnea is to remove any excess tissue you have in your throat. This tissue often narrows your airway, keeping you from breathing properly. There are also some soft palate procedures, as well as removing your tonsils.

Natural Lifestyle Changes

Last up you have the natural lifestyle changes to help treat your sleep apnea. This includes losing weight to get to a natural health, treating your acid reflux, and possibly trying essential oils to help with the sleeping disorder. You may want to try more exercise to get energy throughout the day if you are still struggling with this. Talk to your doctor about other possible natural remedies.

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