Using Essential Oils in the Shower or Bath

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A very popular use for essential oils is relaxation and pampering, which you get when you choose to use them in the bath or the shower. Here are some different ways to use them when it’s time for a little self-care.

Use the Shower Steam

The first way to use essential oils in the shower is by using the steam. With this method, there isn’t a lot of diluting that needs to be done, like with the bath. You are not soaking in the water, but rather creating a steam diffuser in the hot shower. You can do this with a few different methods, including adding drops to the bottom of the shower, putting some drops on a washcloth that you hold close to your nose, or putting some drops in a jar you keep in the shower while it picks up the steam.

Create a Body Scrub

You can also use essential oils on your body, which is going to provide multiple benefits. You get the skin and health benefits by having the oils on your skin when used as a body scrub, plus getting the benefits of the scrub itself. But you also get the added benefit of aromatherapy since you are inhaling a lot of these aromas while you use the scrub. For a simple essential oil body scrub, all you need is some sugar, your chosen essential oils, and a carrier oil like jojoba or coconut that is good for your skin.

Dilute Oils for Bath Water

Many people enjoy using essential oils in the bath by adding the oils directly to the bath, but these should still be diluted. Water is not a good way to dilute pure essential oils and you can still have a bad skin reaction. In this case, it is best that you dilute it to around 5% or less of essential oil to carrier oil, then add it to your bath. Use a nourishing and soft oil that improves your skin, such as jojoba oil or coconut oil.

Aromatherapy in the Bath or Shower

For both the bath and shower, you can go a simple and safe route with aromatherapy. This is done either with an oil diffuser set up on the bathroom counter, or with aromatherapy candles. These candles are typically made with essential oils, but make sure they use pure oils, and not fragrance oils, as you won’t get the added health benefits.

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